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Jessie Rose has worked as an actress alongside her circus career for the past 16 years in both theatre, TV, music videos and commercial photographic and video campaigns. 

British English is her mother tongue, and Jessie also offers her skills as a voice-over artist.

In addition she has been brought in as aerial consultant on theatre shows, as well as co-creating and directing several circus theatre shows that toured Germany and the UK.

Credits include:

- April 21, Vinted, Youtube advert campaign, featured actress

- Feb 21, Music Video, Glymmar, principle artist, aerial hoop

- March 18, Ideal shopping channel, TV advert, featured artist

- Feb 17, Music Video, Teresa Bergman, principle artist, silks

- Jan 16,  Music Video, Cornershop, principle artist, hula hoop

- Jan 15, photographic/ film campaign for Cannes Lions – principle character

- June 11, Blue Peter, Hula hoop performance and world record

- March 07, Sky movies re-launch commercial, advert for Sky Movies

- July 21/Oct 19, Berlin Aerial Arts Festival. Co-artistic director

- Oct 20, Diamond Sky, Theater Junge Generation, Dresden. Aerial consultant

- 2017-2018, Outer Circle, UK/German tour. Co-Creator

- Autumn 16/15, Life on Wheels, UK tour. Co-Creator

- May 14, Tarotdrome, Carnesky productions, Cirque Jules verne

- April 14, Life on Wheels, The Black-E – aerial and skate, principle role

- Sep 13, Big Bang Factory, Cirque Jules Verne, doubles trapeze and skate

- April 13, GODSPELL, SEDOS - Ensemble with solo moments, musical theatre

- June 12, 1908 - Body and Soul, Lightning Ensemble, principle role

- July 11, The Boyfriend, Tower Theatre Company, Faye, musical theatre

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