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Welcome to the Outer Circle...

Enter our circus tent filled with circular delights and intriguing freaks, ready to spin you through the night.

Captain Nat Cat will steer you through the mayhem on her spaceship, as our hidden community of circus outcasts form their own elite, inspiring you with their aerial madness, juggling dexterity and LED hoops.

Tickets will be available on the door by mandatory donation between €5 and €15. Arrive early to secure your place....

Willkommen zu Outer Circle ...

Hereinspaziert in unseren Zirkus, gefüllt mit rotierenden Köstlichkeiten und faszinierenden Freaks, die mit euch durch die Nacht wirbeln.

Captain Nat wird euch mit ihrem Raumschiff durch ein turbulentes Chaos navigieren, während eine verborgene Truppe artistischer Außenseiter ihre eigene Elite gründet. Lasst euch faszinieren von Verrücktheiten in schwindelerregender Höhe, geschickten Jonglagekünsten und tanzenden LED Hoops.


Tickets gibt es gegen eine verpflichtende Spende zwischen 5 und 15 Euro. Kommt früh um euch einen Platz zu sichern…

The Gallery

The Trailer

The cast

Kathrin Wagner​​

A juggler specialised in circular object manipulation, Kathrin has performed at festivals, gala shows, and corporate events in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Uk, and Ireland, and was awarded a special prize for ring juggling act Chasing Dreams at the Zelta Karlis circus festival in Riga, Latvia, in 2016.

Jessie Rose​

The Remarkable Jessie Rose is an international circus artist, performing aerial, hula hoop and roller skating acts all over the world since 2007.

She runs hula hoop troupe Hoop La La,  and is a co-founder of Bella Kinetica - an aerial and roller skating company. 

Enriko Davidovs         

Merging his art education with his love for the night, and all things awkward, Enrikos' aerial performances reflect his peculiar personality and curious life choices. Enriko is based in Berlin and performing in nightclubs, fetish parties, corporate events, galas, commercials and festivals all over the world.

Natalie Reckert​

Natalie creates cutting edge handbalancing performances. She has been working as a handstand artist since 2007 performing for Variety shows, theatre and dance companies as well as making her own work. 

Anne Hemkendreis​

Anne is a multi-skilled circus artist with a background in hula hoop and fire performance. Her aerial acts are filled with strength, grace and elegance, and an inbuilt sense of the transformative power of movement. Anne also has an academic background with a Phd in art history which informs her creative work.

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